Manav Utthan Samiti

Social Harmony

Communalism is quickly spreading its tentacles in our society and threatening the very fabric of the nation. This has hurt the peaceful people. To promote feeling of love, brotherhood, nationalism and unity, the organisation is contributing through padyatras, wall writings, street plays, workshops, etc.

Apart from this, there is a section of the society which is at lowest rung. This section is Mushar – most exploited and illiterate. They eke out their livelihood by working as labour. Because of their very small number they are being exploited through means like non-payment of wages, bondage, implication in false cases like theft or dacoity, etc. The police and government machinery also exploits them.

SCs and STs are being made aware of their rights, educated and self-reliant. Particular emphasis is being laid on education of SC, ST and OBC children.