Manav Utthan Samiti

About Us

Eastern region of Uttar Pradesh is very backward. The four districts in which we work – Mau, Ghazipur, Sonbhadra and Chandauli – are even more backward in this otherwise backward region. Nearly 80 per cent population of the region is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood. But because of shortage of resources for agricultural operations, most of the farmers are leading pitiable life. The problem is compounded by preponderance of degraded land and lack of irrigation facilities.

Most of the landless and small farmers either work as agriculture labour, or work on scores of brick kilns dotting the landscape, or migrate to bigger cities to supplement their income. The labour class is unorganised and exploited. The condition of women is pitiable and women from poor and backward classes are exploited and victim of double exploited.

The area also suffers from superstition, child marriage, untouchability, dowry, illiteracy, malnutrition, exploitation of weak, unemployment, lack of awareness, deprivation of rights, lack of security, etc.

It is in this backdrop that MUS was formed on August 30, 1999, in the leadership of Nanhoo Chauhan. Dayashankar Chauhan from Ghazipur district and SK Rai from Sonbhadra district played crucial role in the formation of the organisation.